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The Jaded Truth

Slowly falling out of love, but still in love with being in love. As days go by, less and less thoughts are devoted to my past. I'm enjoying this conscious journey, and it's a very humbling experience to say the least. My senses are at an indescribable peak. I've seemed to have fallen in love with a lot of things that I'd forgotten about while on my dead end chase of hopeless fantasies. It's been really nice to get back to the basics, but there are still old habits lurking in the shadows. Whoever said those suckers die hard wasn't lying! I'm focused though nonetheless. I've come too far to turn back now.

Yesterday, I found out one of my exes were getting married. I had mixed feelings about that discovery. Her and I talk via messenger everyday during the week, and she didn't tell me this. I don't think she would've told me at all actually. Our relationship is very....questionable. I definitely know that she doesn't consider me a friend. I really don't know where I stand in her life. I have still proven that I'd do anything for her, and come to her side when I felt I was needed. However, I still feel like I'm held at a distance greater than necessary. Our conversation has dwindled down to a mere "good morning" everyday. I don't really know the motive or point of her coming back around. It all started over again so...familiar, but quickly changed. I'm in that "stranger" category again. It's annoying. I do NOT like being skeptical of where I stand in a person's life. Especially, when I know exactly where they stand in mine. I did wish her the best after I discovered the news. I'm completely in dark about that relationship, and that's very well since it's none of my business. I have my own thoughts about the whole thing, but they are clearly irrelevant. Much peace and many blessings to their new journey either way.

My current thoughts on love are still quite jaded. I have that bitter taste resting comfortably on my taste buds. I have faith in His plan for me, so therefore I hold no regret in my heart. However, I'm still irritated with all the time spent and the events of my love life over the past two years. There is so many things I would've done differently, and damn sure some things I wouldn't have done at all. It's all part of the plan though. I'm supposed to be where I'm at in life and love right now. These thoughts and feelings I'm having are all right on schedule. The one sided burned bridge torched by the current face of love is a pre-written event in my book of life. There is probable reason behind it. So to question it would be absurd actually. Especially, if I have so much trust in my future. As hard as it is to grasp for me; I know that everybody is not meant to stay in your world for a lifetime. That's a sad truth.

Right now I honestly have no interest in meeting anyone new. Depending on the surfaced motive, I might turn them away if they came around at this point. Actually, I've already done that twice thus far. I just don't have much trust in people anymore. I've been hyped up on faulty loyalty one time too many. I'm over it. I'm loving this time spent with self. Falling in love with myself again has been amazing. I've missed my smile, and I see that again every morning when I wake up. I just don't want to get familiar with the life of a stranger, and after the time is invested they end up being everything they portrayed themselves not to be. Right now, I'm good. My happiness is growing within every waking moment. I'm just consciously speaking on the aftermath of it all.


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