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Daily Singles: Different Paths

I had a conversation last night with a friend of mine about the different places in life that people occupy. That is a pretty simple observation on life and people, but it becomes a bit more complicated when actually dating someone or being in a relationship with someone. Being in those different places can be the one thing that breaks your relationship.

Ever been with someone and hit if off good only to later realize that you both are on two different paths in life, and leading in two different directions. You realize that they don't desire the same things as you, they don't hold the same passion in life as you do, they don't obtain the same drive as you do, they just aren't on the same level of living as you are. This is major in any type of relationship. If you're heading down a path for success and your friend or lover is on a path to what seems like destruction; this can't be healthy for your relationship. More so, this isn't healthy for you, because you will eventually become like the company that you keep.

Daily Singles

Handling those wild feelings may take the bravery of a lion-tamer, but getting your matters of the heart in order will allow you to see the situation in a more productive way. Then you can go back to roaring!

**This really has nothing to do with the shit that I actually spoke on, sorry =\**

Daily Singles: Summer Cool Down

Daily Singles: Summer Cool Down

Yikes -- your emotions are all over the place now. When it comes to romance, your knee-jerk reactions could have you kicking up quite a fuss -- one that might be completely unnecessary. Try to cool it.

Yes my emotions are all over the place today. I did however enjoy my long weekend. Time spent with my friends and family. It's moments with these people that make me realize the more important things in my life. I pay too much attention to bullshit produced by unworthy illusion lovers. I'm forever letting in and cutting out. You can judge this by my previous posts. If it ain't one thing, it's another.

I've been pretty stable lately though. I have a short temper and a very low level of patience in this love thing. That my way or the highway attitude is a bit extreme. I let my emotions get the best of me when things don't go my way and I handle matters in a very over dramatic way. I can admit this. It usually leaves people cursed out, kicked out and cried out. I'm not proud of this, but I've been this way for quite some time. I mean just yesterday I told somebody to beat it. That situation is one that I've written about before, and silly me for continuing to entertain such madness.

So now is the time to truly cool it. The rift raft is gone, and there is no excuses as to why I can't focus on the things that I really need to be working on. 2009 is not over, and there are many more moves that I must make before the year's end. The door is still open for love, and it always will be. All goes to show that the things I need to work on need to be accomplished before I call myself settling in another relationship.

Daily Singles: I Pity The Fool

Daily Singles: Aquarius - May 20, 2009

Did you say yes to a date because you felt like you should? It's time to listen to what you genuinely want to do, not what you feel obligated to do. Your love life will improve immediately.

This is something I use to be guilty of. Can't say that it's happened for quite some time. No time, energy or patience to entertain this type of situation. Not enough pity in the world. If I don't want you, I don't want you. End of story.

Daily Singles: Jaws Of Life

I'm not feeling this day at all thus far. I knew that when I went to bed last night with a mind filled with negative thoughts and a heart filled with remorse; my day would be rather jacked up. Why is letting go so hard for humans. Scratch that. Why is letting go so hard for me? When I get a grip on something, omg! I need the jaws of life to come and pry my hands open. Jumping into something new would more than likely ease my mind concerning what's old. Rebound material is not the best route to take; however it's the most familiar route. I have to fully close the door on the old in order to open the door for the new. It's only fair. It's the healthiest way.

Daily Singles: Aquarius - May 19, 2009

It's one small step for your love life, one giant leap for your overall philosophy of the heart. What seems like a relatively insignificant happening leads to an advance in your thinking that will really take you places.

Grasping onto what's real is much more logical than grasping on to what you know was never meant to be. Story of my life dude.

Daily Singles: Faceless Desire

I often sit and wonder where my journey in love will ultimately guide me. Will I be settled by the age of 30? Will I have a family by that time? Will I still be single as I am now? Will I be suffering through yet another heartbreak? Where am I headed in this love thing? I'm itching ya'll. What I desire is getting more and more desirable by the second. I want her; whomever she is. There is no woman in particular that I am feeling like that at this moment, but got my eye on that one right over there. I can't see her face though. Yeah, that's her. The one with the independent sticker. The one with the healthy honesty and trustworthy policy. The one with no prior owners sign. Yeah that one has no baggage, dents or bruises of the past. Shiny finish, with endless potential, respect and understanding. This one is a beauty, and when I get my hands on her; she'll be a keeper. She's my faceless desire.

Daily Singles: Aquarius - May 18, 2009

What is wishful thinking for some is a vision of the future for you. You know that the line between what you desire and reality is a permeable one, and now's an ideal time to push something across that border.

Daily Singles: Blah @ Drunk Texting

Daily Singles: Aquarius - May 17, 2009

Being single means never having to say you're sorry -- at least not for doing what you want, when you want, with whom you want. Revel in it now, and be sure to leave some time for relaxing solo-style.

I committed an awful crime in drunk texting last night. I contacted someone that I had no business conversing with. Someone that I so called permanently closed the chapter on. I said goodbye to this girl for good reason, but something inside of me won't erase her from my mind totally. It sucks! She is one of the lovers on my wall of shame, and is the very reason why I'm single this round in life. Am I sorry for contacting her? Not really, I mean I can honestly say that it gave me the reality check that I needed. I realized quickly why I don't associate with her anymore. Once a bullshitter, always a bullshitter right? She's the epitome of it.

Questions about who I've been spending my time with, and what I've been doing while spending my time with whomever were brought up. Conversations like this are reserved for someone whom I might be dating exclusively or someone that I'm currently in a relationship. I can't be taken on a guilt trip by someone who didn't do right by me when I was giving them the best part of me. I won't apologize for anything that I'm doing with anyone right now, because as a single woman I have every right to do what the fuck I want to do. Bottom line.

Today, I do have the urge to just ride out to my parents house and chill with them by myself. I don't want to be bothered with my big sister or "friends". So thats what I think I'm going to do today. I might catch a move out in the suburbs or something. Drunk texting my ex last night helped me realize how blessed I am right now that I'm single. I miss her for whatever reason, but it's not worth all the crap I put up with while I was entertaining her.

Next time I am drunk, I need someone to grab my phone. Ugh!

Daily Singles: Perception of Past Romances

Daily Singles: Aquarius - May 16, 2009

Hindsight isn't always 20/20 -- when it comes to reviewing past romances, it can have a bad case of cataracts. Ask yourself if you're seeing events as they really were, or how you wanted them to be.

When I look back at my past romances I don't always look at the entire picture. The way I see things is depending on how it all went down between me and that person. How did things end? How did we split? Are we still in contact with one another? Do I still have feelings for that person? Did I wish it would've worked out between us? Now if I'm on some "real fuck a bitch shit" because of this person and the way that they treated me; I'm not going to think too highly of my past romance with this person. I'm going to forget the actual good things that might've taken place during our season. I'm going to talk major shit, and not give this person a good recommendation for future romances with anybody that I know may be interested in them.

Now when it comes to the ones that I feel like I shouldn't have let slip away so easily; I tend to play favoritism. In all actuality everything between me and this person could not have been "ALL THAT", but because deep down I still have feelings for that person, I'm not going to think about the bad things. I'm going to forget the fact that they snored. I'm going to forget the fact that they lied 70% of the time. I'm going to forget the fact that they had insecurity issues. All negativity about this person will be covered, because they are in my favorite folder, and for some strange reason I'd take them back with the good and bad.

When I do take my frequent trips down memory lane and look at my lovers wall of fame and shame; I do view the events the way I sometimes wish they would've went down. I add my own spin on things in my own head. It's my fantasy or my nightmare. Perception is everything that I make it. I am the only artist in my world, and there is only one masterpiece in this exhibit. How I view the events of past romances is going to be totally different than how the other party views our past events. That's how life is no matter what the actual case may be. No two people's mental hindsight are the same.

Bottom line - perception is only part of the equation. Acceptance is everything!

Daily Singles: Living Single

Yes, the relationship assassin is back. When I first started this blog I depicted my publishing's to contain more poetry and short stories. Then I decided to place the spot light on love and relationships from a personal standpoint. I guess I got so disgusted with love and failed relationships that I caught ghost, loll. Nah, that wasn't the reason. Although my love life sucks something serious; I really did have a lot going on in my life that steered me away from posting so much. Want more details on my blog hiatus events; visit me at The Life Of A Word Hustler blogspot.

So yeah, still living single in America. Loving it? I'm straddling the fence on that decision. The pros outweigh the cons to be honest. I love the independence and sole responsibility for my own being. The companionship is missed though. That pretty little missile will come and knock me out the sky soon enough, no rush. I'm playing the cards dealt for the time being.

Daily Singles: Aquarius - May 15, 2009

The bonus vim and vigor you've got going now could make you a bit all over the place, so plan for lots of different activities and interesting circumstances. Don't forget to notice who's noticing you!

Let's Play Catch Up

Wow, I haven't been on here in what seems like an eternity. Life has been extremely busy me. Lot's of thing going on my way. I can't lie and say I'm not dead, sleepy tired right now, because I am. I do want to get back into the swing of things though. I want to reveal what's been going on with me these past couple of months. I'm going to have to come back with a part two thrown at you, because right now; it ain't happening. I'm typing with one eye open as we speak.

Changed the spot up a little bit. Changed the swag a tad bit. I'm still grinding like none other. Still doing my thing. Still remaining who I am...and that's a hustler!


She's back...

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