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The Law Of Life

I'm extremely excited about the start of this new month. November, welcomed in the warmest manner ever when I opened my eyes this morning. I felt as if I woke up with a squeaky clean slate. Even cleaner than the one I woke up with yesterday morning. The bible says that every new day is promised its own set of anxieties, but I didn't feel that way this morning. I felt brand new. I reflected on the past two experiences of October, and all in between. The changes are GREAT, and very distinct. I remember a dark point in last month when I desperately prayed to God, and asked him to just take it all back. I didn't think I could go on living with certain memories. As hard as I was trying, and as far as I had come; I just wasn't reaching what I felt was the end of turmoil fast enough. He did me one better though. Instead, He saw me through, and provided me with a new beginning. I'm very thankful to say the least. 

Although, I'm closing some chapters in my life that I never even imagined would run out of a place for words; change is indeed the law of life. Change never really has to have a negative connotation, but as a human filled with fears; it sometimes seems like the WORST. I'm trying to live each day in a more conscious manner. Holding myself 100% accountable for all of my actions. I just feel I have to be totally aware in order to change in the most positive way set out. I understand that I not only have to change my everyday ways, but my entire way of thinking. I have quite a bit of things to spill, but I think I'll chill. Bottom line, my current goal is to become 100% emotionally unavailable to my past. I've held it accountable for the current conditions of my mind and heart for far too long. If I'm blessed to see today; then the things of yesterday shouldn't hold me down for any reason at all. The past has indeed played it's part in my life, and it's chewed me up, spit me out into the present. I choose to get up, and walk with a different stride, and keep a smile plastered on my face. 

"Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or

present are certain to miss the future."

 - John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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