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In It To Win It

Love has chewed me up and spat me out, but I'm still standing. I won't give up on love, because I know God has a definite plan for me. All the crap I have endured over the years; I know that whenever it comes, it'll be great.

This has to be by far the longest test in patience yet, lol. It's becoming harder and harder to separate the real from the fake. Everyone who says the word doesn't mean the word. Infatuation is a muthafucka. That temporary love seems to be what I keep getting wrapped in. Not temporary on my part, but the part of the one I mistakenly put my trust in. The love I'm constantly giving I can't seem to get in return. I'm no longer bitter. I'm trying to remain humble. Although I slip up from time to time.

The loves real and fake who have come and gone, conditioned me. Taught me great lessons no doubt. I'm still in it to win it though. In the end I will get who I deserve.

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