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You Gotta Put Me On

You add someone new and interesting to your network today -- don't miss the synergy between work and social matters! Even if they're not exactly your type, they almost certainly know someone who is. - Shine

I've said it many times before, but your network can take you a long way in any aspect in your life. Spiritually, financially and even romantically. Gaining and maintaining healthy friendships can be very worth your while. Meeting someone new of the same or opposite sex (whatever your preference) does not mean you have to pursue them romantically. It merely can just be a new workout buddy, shopping buddy, party buddy, ect. This person may be your gateway to that lover you've been searching for.

"Everybody know somebody, that know somebody, that know somethin' bout em'" - Trick Daddy

The longer you live, the smaller the world seems. Everyone knows a someone, and the way things work, and have worked for a long time; you have to go through certain people to get where fate destines you to be. We all play the role of a stepping stone in life. We help guide people we know, and even ones we don't know to the places they need to go, to the people they need to see, and help form them into the people they feel they need to be.


The word to the wise told me to not be bashful and do not avoid the spotlight today. I know exactly what it is that I want, and I shouldn't be ashamed to make any bold moves to get it. I have to agree. We all know that closed mouths don't get fed. If we want something in this cold world; we have to speak up, stand up, and woMAN up! I have quite a bit on my plate now days, and my days have been running into each other; causing me to lose focus on my personal needs. I have been grinding in BEAST MODE to say the least. Money is the motive, but that doesn't mean that love shouldn't be a motive as well.

No particular face to match love's heartbeat at the moment. I'm still on my intermission. I believe in a healthy time out after a failed relationship. You have to make sure you aren't taking any tainted food to your next dinner party if you know what I mean. Am I ready? Nope. I don't even have an appetite for it. What I'm gunning for now days is a healthy heart. I want no regrets or resentment inside. There is so much going on with me personally that I need to get a grip on. I don't need to be worried about the next dinner party until I can get my own kitchen in order.

I was in my shell and in my feelings for a little bit, but I'm out now. Time to fully re-build. So my next moves will indeed be bold. I'm on a mission for self.
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