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Daily Singles: Do Talk To Strangers

Daily Singles: August 4, 2009

It's a great day to take a risk and get to someone new. Talk to a complete stranger to better hone your communication skills. Sometimes it's helpful to initiate conversation with someone outside of your usual friends. Be friendly, observant and most of all, yourself.

So this is implying that I talk to strangers? Loll, that is so outside of my character. I've come out of my shell more and more over the years though. I'm more of a social butterfly than I've ever been. I guess my metamorphosis came later in life. I haven't completely shattered my shell though. I'm still reserved and ducked behind the shadows. People are crazy and I've found that being this way has really helped me dodge a lot of unnecessary drama as well.

This advise doesn't have to be on a romantic tip, but also a business networking tip. With the screwed up economy the whole saying; "it's not about what you know, but who you know" is more realistic than every. Social networking requires that you speak to strangers. Who knows; I can either find the love of my life or a partner to find the next multi-billion dollar company. This is just a small risk to take in life. Me being a reserved shadow ducker is me giving myself the short end of the stick. There are so many layers to me, but as I unravel them one by one; I'm stepping further and further into my womanhood, in which I have grown to love unconditionally.

I've been craving some new networking friends. People just to hang out with. Cultured people who can think outside the club. It seems that my friends only want to be seen at a party or a club. It's past time for me to broaden my horizons. If my friends don’t want to join me, then I guess I have to leave them behind. It'd be dope if I got a two for one special. Find the new cultured friend and the girlfriend all in the same person, loll. Who knows? This might happen. I'm not going to get my hopes up on that part, because my season of love clearly hasn’t strarted yet.

Face 2 Face

I hope everyone had an excellent weekend. My weekend went rather well. I had yet another blast from the past pop up on me this weekend. I've written about her before, and I've also written her off on numerous occasions as well. I guess just like with everyone else; my main issue with her was trust. It's no secret that I have trust issues; due to being burned severely in my own past. I can't seem to shake the fear when it comes to that either. But then again, every time I turn around people are lying. Lying for no good reason at all. That's a whole different story though.

Anyway, Champ popped back up this weekend out of the blue. I had drifted completely away from her due to irreconcilable differences and distance. That was a very unique situation. We had never met before and we split before any plans were pushed through on meeting. She told me that she was moving to Houston this summer before we stopped speaking, but due to her track record; I just didn't believe her. This weekend she said that she had a few bad dreams about me, and felt it was a sign to give me a call. We talked for along time. She said that she had been in Houston for about a month already. She told me the area that she lived in; which sounded sort of believable. However, after so many issues in the past; I have to see it to believe it. I mean anybody can Google Houston and learn the city, loll. But I hope she wouldn't go that far. I just don’t put anything past anyone. Fucked up things happen to me, so I'm definitely not crossing that one off the list of possibilities, loll.

Supposedly, RIGHT after her and I stopped speaking she up and got a new girlfriend and moved to Houston with her. That's weird, but none of my business nonetheless. It's just something else to raise the red flag on though. It's been so many things about Champ that I've just had to shake off and NOT be concerned with. Because, if I did try to figure it out; I'd have a head full of grey hair by now. Just don’t have time to solve the riddles. My whole thing is now; if she's in Houston, I'd like to meet her. Perhaps my unanswered questions will all be answered with one look in the eye. Just because I didn't believe half the things she said, doesn't mean she was actually lying. My mind has been my curse for quite some time now, and this may just be another one of it's tricks. None of that can be determined until a date, place and time is set in stone. I plan on speaking to her later when I get off to see if something can be set up. If she gives me anytype of excuse or nonsense, I'll be going with the assumptions already stored in my head and going back to my reality.

I do not want to meet up with her to start any irrational commitments; I simply want to see what she's all about. So many months of phone conversations, I'd like to match the voice with a face. Lately, simple things like this have been so hard for some people. That is what's crazy to me. Does life have to be made this difficult? Even if one is lying, can we nip it in the bud and not drag it a long??? I don't know, maybe my logic is off, but that is a whole different story too.

This summer is not my season for love, but I'd love for it to be the season of realness and truth. So far, not so good. I'm not giving up hope though. This is the last time for Champ to shine through; I hope she doesn't lose the battle again.
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